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Masterhacker is an early prototype of a game in which you intrude different computers and hack them. By hacking yourself through the levels, you'll be a  real masterhacker at the end of the game.

Pre-Alpha Release

Because it's an early prototype I called it the Pre-Alpha Release. So far, the game contains only one computer that you can hack as sort of a demo so you can see the potential of it. Once and while I upload an update with a new level.


To make a link between the different computers and levels, I will also develop a story in which a hacker plays the leading role. 


All the music and sound effects are created in Cubase AI. The engine I use is the Godot Game Engine and the graphical design is done with Photoshop. The images I use come from pexels.com.


  • None of the characters in this game are real or based on real persons. 
  • The game is pure fiction and not meant to critisize any point of view.


All rights reserved to Rune Floryn

Updated 21 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorRune Floryn
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Tags2D, Hacking
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip-file and extract it
  2. Keep the .exe and the .pck file in the same directory
  3. Enjoy the game and have fun


MasterHacker.zip 63 MB

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