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Masterhacker is an early prototype of a game in which you intrude different computers and hack them. By hacking yourself through the levels, you'll be a  real masterhacker at the end of the game.

Pre-Alpha Release

Because it's an early prototype I called it the Pre-Alpha Release. So far, the game contains only one computer that you can hack as sort of a demo so you can see the potential of it. Once and while I upload an update with a new level.


To make a link between the different computers and levels, I will also develop a story in which a hacker plays the leading role. 


All the music and sound effects are created in Cubase AI. The engine I use is the Godot Game Engine and the graphical design is done with Photoshop. The images I use come from pexels.com.


The soundtrack can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm4ffD2lsLVi9w58tgmefoEMEkmCDNrIH


  • None of the characters in this game are real or based on real persons. 
  • The game is pure fiction and not meant to critisize any point of view.


All rights reserved to Rune Floryn

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip-file and extract it
  2. Keep the .exe and the .pck file in the same directory
  3. Enjoy the game and have fun


MasterHacker.zip 63 MB

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